Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Diary Of A Baller: Adrissa Traore (Harlem, NY) Entry #8

Adrissa And His Teammates

Hello Basketball World, 

Monday, I went to school as usual. I had an okay day, nothing to complain about. After school I went to a mandatory study hall for my school basketball team. It was helpful because if I needed a little bit of help we can asked the teacher or our coaches.  

On Tuesday, I didn't have school because the school had a professional development day. So I went to my friend's house to study because I had my history midterm the next day. Honestly think I did well. I like History because I learn something every day and it's easy in my opinion. After I finished studying I went to work out with Coach Greg to continue to work on my handles and long range shooting. That session, I learned how important it is to be confident when I am taking shots and saw that once I got more comfortable shooting 3's and I started making them. 

On Thursday, I also had a workout, we continued working on ball handling and working to get our guard skills stronger. Who knows if I stop growing I'll have to play the 2 in college. So I want to make sure I can do it all. 

Over the weekend I spent time with my family, helping my family around the house with chores. I'm out most of the time so, it was cool to be with my family to help out in the house and watched the Super bowl. It was a surprising game. Anything can happen, The Patriots kept fighting and found a way to win.