Friday, February 17, 2017

Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Best Of The Best & Top 15 Players Performance Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Division featured some future stars down the road. Here’s a look at our Best of The Best and Top 15 Player Performance Rankings.  
Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Caleb Crawford (Riverside Hawks) 
Crawford has been putting on for years and he gave this bracket a taste during the Clash. He scores like we breathe. His back to back 24 point performances (semifinals and championship) says it all. 

Best Floor General: Christian Bliss (Riverside Hawks) 
Bliss’s court vision ranks among the best in the country. He patiently runs the squad while surveying the floor. He’s not the quickness but may be one of the smartest and most effective in the land. Kid is a pure winner. 

Best Scorer: Jaiden Williams (New Heights) 
This kid got buckets all weekend. He was a total matchup problem for anyone in his way. When New Heights were in tough games Williams stepped up to deliver each time. 

Best Fresh Face: Amari Hansberry (Team Durant) 
Hansberry made his Spotlight debut and was tough to deal with. He dominated the post and averaged a double-double all weekend. He is definitely on our radar from this point on. 

Best Shooter: Dajon Burton (Boston Spartans) 
Burton used his size to nail the long ball all weekend. His outside shooting turned the Spartans into a legit threat to win the tournament. 

Best Prospect: Sebastian Robinson (Team IZOD) 
Robinson has the poise and posture of a player much older. He game is geared to translate to the next level. He’s going to be a big name on the scene for years to come. 

Best Playmaker: Ace Valentine (Team Durant) 
Valentine gets it done from the scoring or point guard role. He drops dimes from anywhere on the floor and will turn on the scoring switch when his squad is in need. He’s a proven commodity on the Spotlight scene. 

Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Top 15 Players Performance Rankings 
1. Caleb Crawford (Riverside Hawks) 
2. Amari Hansberry (Team Durant) 
3. Jaiden Williams (New Heights) 
4. Christian Bliss (Riverside Hawks) 
5. Ace Valentine (Team Durant) 
6. Sebastian Robinson (Team IZOD) 
7. Rico Andrews (Riverside Hawks) 
8. Dajon Burton (Boston Spartans) 
9. Jayden Reid (NY Gauchos) 
10. Tahaad Pettiford (Team IZOD) 
11. Dante Green (NY Rens) 
12. Chardonnay Hartley (Milbank) 
13. Dwayne Pennicooke (Elmcor Basketball) 
14. Joe Glanton (NJ Racer) 
15. Naazir Robinson (New Heights)