Friday, February 10, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Ty Carnegie

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Division gave a look at some of the top baby ballers in the region. We were excited to see the young fella’s rock. Here’s Part 1 of our top performers from this division. 

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Ty Carnegie Guard (Playtime)- This kid can flat out go. His range is when he steps on the floor. He gets it done on all three levels and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger from the cheap seats. Once he gets the stroke going it could be lights out for the competition. I also love his poise and confidence on the floor. He nailed 4 treys in the championship on his way to a game high 20 points.

Braylin Sanjurjo Guard (Playtime)- If there’s a better passer in this class I would love to see him because this kid has sick court vision. He loves throwing the no look and he makes the difficult pass seem easy. His drive, draw and dish game seems to be second nature which is refreshing in today’s game. His teammates enjoy running the floor with this kid.
Keith McKnight Forward (Playtime)- Nicknamed “Cookie Monster” because he eats rebounds, McKnight was totally on point this weekend. He ran the floor like a deer and finished off plays with ease. He anchors this tough Playtime defense and allows the guards to play the passing lanes and take chances. I like this kids upside he tallied 13 points in the championship win.
Jaylen Bushelo Guard (Playtime)- Another legit guard from this Playtime bunch. Bushelo plays both guard positions smoothly and found his scoring range in the championship by tallying 15 markers. He gives this guard trio some size on the perimeter.
MJ Ford Guard (Hoop Nation NYC)- If you like flair and substance you will love Ford. He gets anywhere he wants on the floor and will shake a defender in the process. He can either score the rock or drop a dime at any time. He led Hoop Nation NYC in scoring in the championship with 14 points. We will definitely track this kid. His older brother Romello make his mark on the Spotlight circuit also.
Jalen Munson Guard (Hoop Nation NYC)- Munson is ultra-quick and a bona fide scorer. He was dynamic in transition and will bang home the trey ball if he gets the opportunity. He also hit the double figures mark in the championship loss with 13 points. He’s another guard that had an older brother roam on the Spotlight circuit. His brother Anthony was a tough cookie.
Luther Bolden Forward (Hoop Nation NYC)- This kid has some potential on the wing. Right now he plays the big man role but I saw some flashes of what will come in the future. He was able to block some shots, rebound and get a few put backs. Keep an eye on this kid.