Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Dajon Burton

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For the Cup 6th Grade Division was loaded with top players from the region. Here’s Part 2 of the top performers from Neptune, NJ. Basketball Spotlight 

Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Dajon Burton Guard (Boston Spartans) – Burton is a big wing guard that plays the game the right way. He is one of the few players that advanced the ball up the court with quick long passes up the sideline as he always has his head up and understands where everyone is on the court. Dajon’s biggest strength is his ability to knock down the 3 point shot. He has a picture perfect shot with a high IQ and is able to rebound his position at a high level.

Jordan Atkinson Forward (Boston Spartans) – Jordan is an aggressive strong forward that plays in the paint for the Spartans. He rebounds everything both in and outside of this area. He gets his points finishing around the rim either from post entry passes or offensive rebound put backs. We also like his ability on the defensive end stopping opposing big men.
Sebastian Robinson Guard (IZOD) – Robinson has to be in the conversation as one of the best guards in the country. His team was disappointed not winning the championship and you could maybe say they under performed a little bit but there is no denying what Sebastian does on the floor. He can score from all three levels and he passes the ball at a high level. With good size this combo guard rebounds his position very well and he can move to the point if needed. The ball is in his hands if a play needs to be made.
Tahaad Pettiford Guard (IZOD) – Tahaad is always in attack mode looking to score which he can do either at the rim or from behind the 3 point line. He is on the smaller side but he plays with such a big heart and his toughness resonates with his team as it always seems like when he gets going is when his IZOD team starts rolling.
Jayden Reid Guard (Gauchos) – Reid is pretty much unstoppable unless you double team him. He has an explosive first step and is always attacking the defense off the dribble. He can get anywhere on the floor that he wants at any time and he excels with the ball in his hands making plays from the PG position. He knocks down trey balls and gets in the lane and finishes using his patented floater. Jayden has that “IT” factor and we are excited to track his progression through the middle school ranks and beyond.
David Ayenengoye Forward (Gauchos) – David is a long combo forward that is oozing with potential. He plays mostly inside right now but projects to be a wing forward. With his long arms he grabs a ton of rebounds for his squad. Right now he is developing on the offensive end but he can score around the basket and on defense he can guard multiple positions. He should be a name we will be hearing about long term.
Jaiden Williams Forward (New Heights) – There was a lot of talent in the 6th grade division but Williams might have been the best player and long term prospect we saw all weekend. He plays with a chip on his shoulder every play on both ends of the floor. He plays a wing forward position and he can score from all three levels. He is a menace in transition overpowering the defense with his size and strength. Don’t get fooled as this kid has plenty of skill to go along with his physical attributes. We saw him knock down a trey ball and then attack off the dribble, spinning and knocking down a floater. Jaiden has the confidence that is needed to take over games and he should be in the conversation for a national top 25 billing. He dropped 19 and 16 points in the games we saw.

Naazir Robinson Guard (New Heights) – Naazir is aggressive on both ends of the floor. He gets up in the chest of the player that he is guarding causing turnovers. He has nice handles where he can play on or off the ball. He normally plays off the ball attacking the basket of the dribble or he can knock down the open jumper out to the 3 point line. We love his on court demeanor as other players on his team seem to feed off of his intensity and leadership.