Friday, February 17, 2017

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Best Of The Best & Top 15 Player Performance Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 5th Grade gave us a good glimpse of the future. Here’s a look at the Best of the Best and Top 15 Player Performance Rankings. 

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Ty Carnegie (Playtime Panthers) 
Carnegie showed the total package during the weekend. When he got hot from the perimeter resembled a young Steph Curry. 

Best Passer: Braylin Sanjurjo (Playtime Panthers) 
This kid has to have eyes in the back of his head because he drop dimes from every angle. He gets a kick out of letting teammates score. 

Best Prospect: Keith McKnight (Playtime Panthers) 
McKnight versatility was apparent at the Clash. We believe he will venture out to the wing and continue to develop a nice looking prospect. 

Best Shooter: Brandon Srebnik (Riverside Hawks) 
Brandon showed the range from behind the arc. Once he set his feet it was bombs away. He has one of the best ratchets in the region. 

Best Playmaker: MJ Ford (Hoop Nation NYC) 
Ford is confident ball handler, passer and scorer. The bigger the stage the bigger his performance. He has a star quality in his game. 

Best Defender: Jalen Munson (Hoop Nation) 
Munson was not only a scorer but he also was a beast on the defensive end. He caused turnovers from the press and played the passing lanes well. 

Best Fresh Face: Jewel Walker (Team Durant) 
Walker was a scoring machine over the weekend. He was a beast in the paint. He used his soft hands and touch to torch opponents on the blocks. 

Best Scorer: Chidi Nwigwe (NY Rens) 
Chidi played up but it didn’t matter to the shooting guard. He has the size and athletic ability to get buckets. Nwigwe has the look of a nice prospect down the road. He averaged close to 20 points a game. 

Best Floor General: Mesean Williams (NJ Shore Shots) 
I like the way this kid handles the rock and make decisions. He’s confident to play his game and control the game with his tempo. He’s a constant contributor. 

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade Top 15 Player Performance Rankings
1. Ty Carnegie (Playtime Panthers) 
2. MJ Ford (Hoop Nation NYC) 
3. Keith McKnight (Playtime Panthers) 
4. Jewel Walker (Team Durant) 
5. Jalen Munson (Hoop Nation NYC) 
6. Chidi Nwigwe (NY Rens) 
7. Braylin Sanjurjo (Playtime Panthers) 
8. Jayden Ramirez (Riverside Hawks) 
9. Anthony Saunders (Team Durant) 
10. Mesean Williams (NJ Shore Shots) 
11. Brandon Srebnik (Riverside Hawks) 
12. Naim Parrish (NJ Shore Shots) 
13. Luther Bolden (Hoop Nation NYC) 
14. Kayden Mingo (NY Rens) 
15. AJ Bernard (Milbank)