Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Camp Experience: Tyler Brelsford (Ellicott City, MD)

Tyler Brelsford At John Lucas IMSC

Tyler Brelsford of Ellicott City, Maryland traveled to Houston, Texas for the John Lucas International Combine. Basketball Spotlight reached out to Brelsford and here’s his experience.

Friday 5/6/16 
On Friday, I went to school and was thinking about the camp all day. After School I went home and got packed for the trip to Houston, TX. I had a good week of training and I was confident and felt well prepared. Our flight was at 8:00pm and when my Dad and I got to the airport I saw one of my buddies Cam Byers, who was on the same flight. We were talking and catching up with each other. We landed in Houston around 12 midnight. I got to the hotel and went straight to bed.
Saturday 5/7/16 
I got a good night sleep and I was glad the camp didn’t start until 12 noon. My dad and I woke up around 9:30am and went to IHop to eat breakfast. We got to the camp about 11:15am to get registered and get my jersey. The day was really long, we had a 5 hour workout of conditioning, dribbling and shooting drills, and some 1 on 1 action. During the 1 on 1, I was off and couldn’t really make a shot, but I knew that wasn’t going to last the whole weekend. We had dinner around 5pm and then it was time for games. My first game I played good. I shot the ball well, got my teammates involved and was a good leader. The second game I couldn’t really hit a shot, but I did other things to help my team. John Lucas ended the games a little early due to selfish play and players being out of shape. He then gave us a speech and let us go home. After camp I went to the hotel and chilled with my friend Ryan Conway. We ate pizza and talked about the day.

Sunday 5/8/16 
I woke up around 6:00am, the camp started at 7:30am. I wanted to be early so I could get some extra work in. We did drills for two hours and then we played two games. My first game was my best game all weekend, I couldn’t miss. I got to be on the same team with some of my buddies, Trey Hall and John Wilson, and that was fun. We had some guest speakers, Justin Jackson (UNC) and Troy Williams (Indiana) and the camp ended at 12noon. After that my friend and I, Terrance Williams went to the mall and got something to eat. Out flight wasn’t until 8pm. I landed at around 12 midnight and then had to get ready for school the next day. I had a really good experience at the John Lucas IMSC.