Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 is listed below. These rankings are based on our opinion and should be taken as such. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Team IZOD: Sports U dominated the AC Showcase and virtually cemented themselves as the #1 team in the country. We will see them again during the Memorial Day Classic. 

2. Team Takeover: TTO has also dominated when they stepped on the floor. They seem to be the crown jewel squad in the DMV. I would have loved to see them battle Sports U. 

3. Baltimore United Thrill: Thrill is another top squad we enjoyed from the DMV area. I think they have a good collection of talent and a bright future. 

4. NY Rens (Kat): NY Rens made a huge leap after making it to the finals of the AC Showcase. We will see them again at the MDC. 

5. PSA Cardinals: The Cardinals looked good during the season and have some serious prospects. They are a team to keep an eye for the next few years. 

6. NY Dragons: The Dragons enter the Top 10 after making a final four run during the AC Showcase. They will have a chance to win it all during the MDC. 

7. NY Rens (Harris): This pesky bunch got it together during the AC Showcase by making it to the finals. They should be heading down to Neptune for the MDC. 

8. New World Unlimited: NWU has some serious ballers and gave us some good moments at our event earlier in the year. 

9. Philly Triple Threat: We haven’t seen much of this talented bunch since earlier in the circuit. Hopefully we can get another peek. 

10. Team Final: TF will be making another appearance at the MDC and have a chance to make a title run. I can’t wait to see they guards on this squad.