Monday, May 2, 2016

Diary Of A Baller: Bryan "Trey" Hall (Hartford County, CT) Entry #3

Trey Hall AT UA Next Combine

Hello again, Basketball World! 

Trey Hall signing back in for the third entry of my basketball diary. This week was definitely busy from a basketball sense, as I spent most evenings in the gym getting prepared for Under Armour's UA Next Combine in Maryland. It was also a week spent getting readjusted to school after April vacation came to an end. 

Monday was back to school, so I had to wake up early and get back into my morning routine. I was still a little tired from our tournament that weekend, but managed to stay focused though the school day. A week off of school meant a lot of homework, so I got right to it as soon as I got home. Once I finished my homework, I got picked up for a workout with my Lightning Coach, Dre. That day's workout focused on ball handling, spot shooting, and using dribble moves to create space from defenders. Coach Dre really emphasizes scoring the ball from all areas whenever our team needs a bucket. In the past few years I've known him, he has played a key role in my individual accomplishments on the basketball court. He has always kept it real with me on where I stand with my game and what I need to work on. I just feel blessed to have my parents and Coach Dre behind me to take basketball as far as its meant to. Once we left the workout I went home, ate dinner, and went right to bed. 

Tuesday was fast moving compared to the slow start I had on Monday. We were working on projects and worksheets in all my classes, so the school day flew by. Once I got home I finished up the worksheets we were given as homework. As soon as those were done, I took out my laptop and got an early start on a three page paper that was due Thursday. Man, did that take forever. I didn't have workouts that evening so I got some extra time to finish up the paper. It was a rest day, so I spent the the evening eating dinner and watching TV before falling asleep. 

Wednesday was a light school work day since I was already done with my project and worksheets. In all of my classes I was ahead so I got to relax and catch up on some reading I needed to do. I only had two pieces of homework, so I had some time to relax before that evening's workout with my Father. Workouts with him are very tiring since he's in great shape and knows how to mix conditioning and skill work together. We did a lot of ball handling and situation drills so I can react to different ways defenders are playing me. At the end of the drills we put up a lot of shots for repetition and to keep my shot consistent. 

Thursday was another school day that went by pretty fast. I got home and had to do my house chores right away since I had another job interview for a summer lifeguard position. I felt prepared and confident going into the interview and when it was over I was offered the job! I still hadn't heard back from last week's lifeguard interview, so I was happy to have a job offer on the table. The interview was at a rec center so I went right from that room to the building's gym for a workout. That night's workout was ran by Muhammed, who is a really good trainer I used to work with when I was younger. We did a lot of conditioning and core work including 100 push ups, 70 curl ups, around 60 crunches, and 10 minutes of jump rope. Toward the end of the workout we focused on ball handling, guard skills, and finishing at the rim through contact. Most people would consider their day done after school, chores, an interview, and a workout, but my day wasn't done just yet. From the gym I headed right to my church in Hartford for choir rehearsal. Singing in the choir continues to be a great way to stay connected to God and show appreciation for what he has done for my family, friends and I. I hope that me writing about my life inspires others to connect to church as much as possible as God continues to keep my family and I safe and strong. Once choir was over I ate, got myself ready for bed and knocked out. 

I woke up Friday with a lot of excitement. I was in a great mood since I would be traveling that night to DC for the Under Armour Top 40 Combine. School was fun because we didn't have a lot of classwork, so there was time to relax and get ahead with some reading. The minute I got home from school, I packed for my flight that evening. I had time to get a haircut before my Dad and I went to the airport. We had a blast the whole time we were traveling; I always do when I'm with my parents. We play music, laugh, and take videos and pictures the whole time we are traveling and hanging out. There have been many times where people have asked to take pictures with my Father and I and asked questions because they thought we played for UConn or were in the NBA. We laugh about it but it really happens all the time. We arrived to DC late in the evening so it was straight to our hotel and right to bed for an early wake up call. 

After waking up and eating breakfast Saturday morning, I got myself ready to compete in the Under Armour Next combine. The UA Next combine is an event for players to showcase their skills infront of some very important people in the basketball circle. It is also how players get invited to play in the UA Next game, which is the middle school version of the Under Armour Elite 24. The top 40 players in the Eastern region of the country were invited and we all had to compete against one another in drills and games throughout the day. There was a lot of great talent on the floor and everyone competed hard!! It was a great experience playing against some of the top players in the region and being pushed by coaches from different colleges. It was also great to play in front of a lot of well known people who do player evaluating and rankings. At the end of the combine I was definitely drained. My body was sore and I was ready to get home. We jumped right in the car and drove to the airport for our flight back to Connecticut. As soon as I got home I took a long shower, ate dinner, and relaxed since I had church in the morning. 

Even though I wanted to sleep in, I got myself up early Sunday morning for church. I had a good time listening to the word of the God and learned a couple of things from what the Pastor was preaching about. He spoke about not letting the devil in the way of our accomplishments and trying to stop you from pursuing your dreams and goals. Those words inspired me because they relate to the academic and basketball goals I want to achieve in life. After church I went out to celebrate some good news I received later in the week. First, I got a letter in the mail letting me know that I will be receiving an award at graduation for being a leader in my school. I am President of the Student Council which means in a lot of ways I serve as a role model to my classmates and younger students in my school. It felt good to know that teachers have recognized my commitment to our school so it will be a night to look forward to. Second, I was excited to receive another letter offering me the lifeguard job I interviewed for last week! Now that I've been offered both jobs, I'll have some decisions to make. Staying humble, working hard, and having faith always seems to bring good things! As I sign off on this Sunday evening, stay tuned as I prepare for the John Lucas Camp next weekend. 

Stay blessed! 

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