Monday, May 16, 2016

Is Isaiah Todd The #1 Player In America?

Isaiah Todd (Team Loaded)

This past fall when we released our Class of 2020 player rankings we talked about Isaiah Todd having the ability to one day reach to top of this list. This day might be sooner than later. The 6’9 forward is developing his wing game and preparing his game for the high school level and beyond. He currently resides in Richmond, VA and has become one of the building blocks for Team Loaded. Well known scout William Francis of feels that the skills Todd is learning will benefit him beyond high school. “The drills and the way they are developing him is grooming him for the major college or NBA level. He’s learning how to do things that are advanced than the normal high school player. The scariest aspect of his game is that he hasn’t scratched the surface of his potential” said Francis. 

In terms of rankings Francis also gives Todd the nod. “Right now I would have to say he’s the #1 player in the country for the Class of 2020 and it could be a spot he could hold on for a long while” he finished. Basketball Spotlight will be keeping an eye on top prospect Isaiah Todd and other top players in the country. We will really see if he’s #1 in the country. Stay tuned as we bring you the inside look to more top players in the country.