Tuesday, August 18, 2015

National Media Flock To The Future Phenom Camp

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp has assembled the best media coverage in the country for event. No other camp in the country has brought together the top middle school media outlets for one event. It is our goal to give the players the best opportunity to get exposure. Here are the primary media outlets that will be in attendance. 

Basketball Spotlight: Basketball Spotlight started out with the goal of bringing attention to the middle school and eventually changed the landscape. Based in NJ we established one of the top circuits in the country and has become to the first stop for many young up-coming stars. We have been known for years to have the ability to foresee talented players as young as 3rd Grade. Basketballspotlight.com has become one of the most popular middle sites in America.

Middle School Hoops: Ty Kish came into the middle world via video. He was known for his City League in which the TV drops to the floor. He then took his services to the middle school level and established middleschoolhoops.com. Kish has traveled the country for the big events and developed exclusive videos of all the top players in America. Right now he's the hottest video guy in the middle school game.

P2 Bball: In a short time Bill Francis has made P2 Performance one of the hottest middle school sites in the country. The energy can be seen in his writing and the he roams a gym when working. Francis has seen and wrote about some of the top players in America and has shown the ability to recognize talent. He’s an up and coming star in this business.

Buckeye Prep Report: Led by the legendary Rob Taylor, Buckeye Prep has become the voice of middle school basketball in the Mid-West United States. Taylor has been in the reporting business for years and have established some of the top showcases and tournaments in the country. He’s also a founder of the successful NYBL league.

Get Me Recruited: This North Carolina group brings a wealth of experience from the South. They search for the top talent in the country and get the word out for their recruiting. They have been known to give some great post event reports.

Unlimited Basketball: Nurtures’, Inspires, supports, and features top youth basketball athletes on their road to success via print and video. This Garden State crew seems to be on the rise in the media market.

D Rich TV: Based out of Ohio, this group burst onto the scene recently and dropped several top videos and interviews. They actually try to capture what the player has to say about the event while also giving visual feed backs. We are excited to have them in the building.

Slam Magazine: What else needs to be said? This online magazine is known all around the world and now has stepped down into the middle school realm. They should bring an exciting piece to this event. Actually helping it get to the next level.

60 Minutes Sports: These guys will be in the building to follow up their documentary on middle school basketball. It’s an honor to have a media outlet of this magnitude at this event. I can’t wait to see their final product when it is released.