Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class Of 2020 All Star Game Participants

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp featured some of the top players in the country. The Class of 2020 was stacked. Here’s a look at the players that played in the Future Phenom Camp All Star Game. 

East Team 
1. Hunter Dickinson (Virginia) 
2. Iyare Davis (Delaware) 
3. Cameron Byers (Maryland) 
4. Jeremy Roach (Virginia) 
5. Keyshawn Johnson (Maryland) 
6. Andrew King (Pennsylvania) 
7. Qaadir Maneri (New Jersey) 
8. Che Evans (Maryland) 
9. Tiger Simms (Maryland) 
10. Isaiah LeBlanc (Texas) 
11. Richie Greaves (New Jersey) 
12. Montez McNeil (Maryland) 

West Team 
1. Terrence Williams (Maryland) 
2. Jalen Cone (North Carolina) 
3. Isaiah Todd (Virginia) 
4. Tyler Brelsford (Maryland) 
5. Jordan Toles (Maryland) 
6. Justin Lewis (Maryland) 
7. Luke Kasubke (Missouri) '
8. Zach Martini (New Jersey) 
9. Rico Lang (Maryland) 
10. Isaiah Kennedy (Ohio) 
11. Kenny Womack (Maryland) 
12. Tommy Anderson (Nevada)