Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inside The Clash For The Cup 14U: Starrett City Settles Any Doubt!

Starrett City Proves A Point!

Inside The Clash For The Cup 14U

Starrett City Settles Any Doubt!

At the Clash For The Cup #1 Starrett City battled #2 Youth Interlock to determine who was the best team in the region. The Brooklyn Boys not only won the title but managed to get past Youth Interlock twice this weekend. The first encounter SC caught YI a little short handed in the first half and propelled to a victory. In the finals a fully loaded Youth Interlock sought redemption but again came up short. Nuff said, Starrett City is the best 14U team in the Northeast United States.

Top Performers

Chance Ellis Forward (Starrett City)- Ellis stung YI in their first meeting draining several treys and made it hard for them to concentrate on Isisah Whitehead. Once he sets his feet just mark down 3 in the books. He made them pay for playing their zone defense.

Timmy Quashie Guard (Starrett City)- Timmy showed his game during pool play and the playoffs. His power allowed him to score in transition and help out on the glass. Once he penetrated the defense he used crisp dribble moves to get around shot blockers. He performed great on the stage.

Thomas Holley Forward (Starrett City)- You can’t leave out the big fella. Holley did damage inside by moving bodies and creating foul trouble for the opposition. His wide frame and hustle helps him make up for not being very athletic. He spent most of the weekend at the charity stripe.

Nazier Chew Guard (Team Nelson)- Chew once again shined while leading TN to another Final Four appearance. He cut through the defense like a knife through hot butter. The field was tough but his play and leadership guided the troops.

Terrell Sturdivant Forward (Team Nelson)- This youngster gets better each time out. He towered over the defense this weekend while continuing to develop his perimeter skills. I’m telling you to watch this kid his potential is scary.

Mahir Johnson Guard (Team Nelson)- Johnson found his perimeter stroke in Neptune. He torched Team Rebels for 3 treys and hit up KSK for 17 markers. His shooting definitely helped TN succeed.

Naim Thomas Guard (Team Scan)- Thomas looked very good this weekend. He’s about 85% back from his injury and his team benefitted. Naim beat defenders off the dribble and knocked down a few pull ups. On defense his foot movement has gotten better and he’s running the floor with more confidence.

Nassir Barrino Guard (Team Scan)- Barrino came down and put in work as usual. He has grown a few inches and added some muscle since last season. His game also has improved in terms of his decision making and shot selection. In fact in the Final Four game I think he was a little too unselfish.

14U Clash For The Cup All Tournament Team
Isaiah Whitehead (Starrett City)- MVP
Mike Silverthorn (Starrett City)
Anthony Williams (Starrett City)
Chance Ellis (Starret City)
Timmy Quashie (Starrett City)
Thomas Holley (Starrett City)
Shepard Garner (Youth Interlock)- Sportsmanship
Malachai Richardson (Youth Interlock)
Rashann London (Youth Interlock)
Nazier Chew (Team Nelson)
Terrell Sturdivant (Team Nelson)
Tavid McIntosh (Team Nelson)
Neuby Saint Hillare (New Heights)
Devin Wilson (New Heights)
Tavid McIntosh (New Heights)
Naim Thomas (Team Scan)
Nassir Barrino (Team Scan)