Friday, February 19, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10: Presented By AGame Apparel

The 14U Division had little movement at the top. A few new teams joined the Top 10 and hopefully they can stay put. Our rankings are based on team performance in quality events and who we feel are the Top 10 teams. Remember this is just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 14U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

1. Starrett City: This squad is the #1 team in the region. They have a loaded roster and should make a deep run at the nationals. They have been crushing the competition.

2. Youth Interlock: YI were hungry to beat SC but things didn’t roll that way. Now they will have to wait until the two collide again to set things straight. They have a couple of huge tournaments and their regional’s approaching.

3. Team Nelson: TN made it to the Final Four of the Clash For The Cup. Now they will be looking forward to the AC Showcase to snatch a Spotlight title. So lookout for them.

4. New Heights: After making to the semifinals of the Clash NH won the MIT which boosted up their stock. They are a rugged bunch capable of knocking anyone off.

5. Team Scan: This bunch recently won the Hoop Group Presidents Weekend tourney. Their guard play is tremendous and they are always ready for a battle.

6. Future Players: This Maryland bunch won the KSK tourney and made it to the finals of the MIT. They will be making their Spotlight debut soon.

7. Team Underrated: This crew is currently in the semifinals at IS8 so they have been getting it in. We have our eye out for them hopefully they will come to America’s Playground.

8. Philly Aztecs: This squad is on the rise after chopping through the comp in Massachusetts. They also will be making their Spotlight debut in Atlantic City.

9. NJ Pirates: This pesky bunch continues to stay afloat in the Top 10. They have some good pieces and will be tested very soon.

10. Team NJ ABC: This squad has been quiet so they might be gearing up for the state tourney. We are looking forward to checking them out.