Thursday, February 4, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #14

What’s up Bballspotlight family it’s your boy Champ. I had another good week. Tuesday we had a good practice to get ready for our game Thursday against Smyrna Middle. We did a lot of running and we did a lot of shelling to help prepare us for the big game. Thursday came and it was game day against our archrival Smyrna Middle, I must admit I was a bit jittery that day for the big game. It was the game that everyone in our county had been waiting to see. The gym was sold out and everyone was expecting a battle against the two power schools in the county. Last season we played and lost to them twice as my brother James was running the show and I know we lost to them 2 yrs ago as well. So it was time for some get back and I was pumped. I guess the whole team was pumped as well because our man-to-man defense was stifling and relentless from the tip off. We jumped on them so fast and shut down their scoring options that they were a bit shocked. We didn’t mean to disappoint the fans but the halftime score was 44-5 and we cruised to improve our record to 8-0 with a final score of 60-28. Honestly speaking I was a bit disappointed on the ride home because I was expecting to finally get to play more than 10 minutes in a game for a change. I have spoken with my dad about it before and understand why I don’t play that much but I love to play and was really looking forward to a battle. I finished the game with 20pts, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals. Monday we traveled south to play against Selbyville Middle. We came out the gates slow but we got it going to improve our record to 9-0 as we defeated them 63-24. I finished the game with 20 pts. Those are the highlights of my week check back next week for some more highlights in the life of an 8th grade basketball player.