Friday, February 5, 2010

Inside The Clash For The Cup 11U: Another Team Battle On The Horizon?

Team Battle 11U Are Making Serious Noise!

I figured Team Battle was going to make another run through the Basketball Spotlight tournaments this year. I just didn’t know it would be their 11U team. This team has picked up where the other squad left off. They won the Grand Finale, Clash For The Cup and should be the favorite for the NJ 11U State Championship. They have a crew loaded with ball handlers and deep shooters. Expect a few more banners and hardware for this group.

11U Clash For The Cup All Tournament Team
Nate Pierre-Louis (Team Battle)- MVP
Aaron Clarke (Team Battle)
Chase Barney (Team Battle)
David Kachelries (Team Battle)
Matthew Kachelries (Team Battle)
Lucas Hudson (Team Battle)
Khalil Parker (Philly Triple Threat)
Trevon Duval (Philly Triple Threat)
Eric Ayala (Delaware Royalty)
Keith Deloatch (Delaware Royalty)
Julius Inge Jr. (Delaware Royalty)
Mikey Watkins (We Run)
Jalen Brooks (We Run)