Friday, February 19, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10: Presented By AGame Apparel

The 13U Division had some major developments and almost had a new #1. This division is probably the most competitive in the country. Here’s our top Top 10 remember our rankings are based on tournament play and who we believe is the best teams. This is just our opinion and should be taken as such.

Basketball Spotlight 13U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

1. Team Final: After falling in the finals of the Clash For The Cup TF rebounded well by winning the MIT. In Maryland they ran through many top teams including Richmond Phenom, Sam Cassell All Stars, Team Takeover and The City. That’s how they held on to the #1 spot.

2. KYDA: KYDA made a strong case for #1 after knocking off TF in the finals of the Clash. They are knocking on the door and will have a few more chances to climb to #1. Hopefully, I will get to see them in some of the upcoming tournaments.

3. The City: A Final Four run at the Clash and a finals march at the MIT helped this squad stay at #3. They have added a couple of pieces as they seem to be gearing up for a nationals run.

4. NJ Got Game: These boys made things interesting at the Clash making to the semifinals. Now things will heat up at their own tournament in the first week of March. They are beginning to put things together.

5. Team Takeover: TT made it to the semifinals of the MIT before losing to #1 Team Final. They also suffered a big loss to #3 The City. I think they will be looking for revenge very soon.

6. Gauchos: The Choz have been on ice since Funsport. They have some serious talent and we look forward to seeing them soon in the Spotlight.

7. Philly Aztecs: This squad is anxious to get into the Top 5. They looked impressive when I watched them at the MIT. They will be making the trip to Atlantic City.

8. Richmond Phenom: Formerly U-Turn this squad was fresh out the gate at the MIT. The rust was apparent at times but we know the winners of last year’s Gold Ball will get it together. Expect them to move up quickly.

9. Virginia Cardinals: This hard nose bunch has been knocking off teams for years. They are scheduled to make their way I-95 soon and we will be waiting.

10. Connecticut Basketball Club: These boys have been making noise up North since the fall. They recently won the Jr. Hoophall Classic 8th Grade Travel Team crown.