Monday, February 15, 2010

Hoop Group Presidents Weekend Showdown Recap 14U Division: Team Scan Cruises!

Team Scan Win Easy!

Isiah Ice had a huge game as Team Scan defeated Rockland Royals 68-42 to win the Hoop Group President's Weekend Showdown. Mike Jurzywski put together a good game for the Royals.

Top Performers

Isiah Ice Guard (Team Scan)- Ice is long overdue for some pub. Today he did well on both ends of the floor. On defense he led their pressure attack including collecting steals. On the other end he filled the lane and finished off plays. He left with the MVP hardware.

Kalid Long Forward (Team Scan)- His last name is very fitting. Kalid’s length caused some serious problems for the Royals. He was very active in the paint by altering shots and hitting the boards. He kept the ball alive several times for his teammates.

Paul Jorgensen Guard (Rockland Royals)- I like Paul’s ball handling and ability to set up teammates. He has a lot of bounce to his game and will even shake a few defenders out their boots.

Troy McLaughlin Guard (Rockland Royals)- Troy is also a guard with some good skills. I like his composure with the pill and his stroke off the bounce. He also showed some toughness and savvy play during the finals.

Mike Jurzynski Forward (Rockland Royals)- Mike did some damage inside. I like his up/under move and his feathery touch. He also challenged the more athletic Scan players on the glass. He didn’t back down one bit.