Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mike Melton Flashback: Team NJ Dynasty!

In basketball on every level there’s a dynasty that people talk about. You have St. Anthony (high school) ruling the 90’s, UCLA (College) running through everyone during the Alcindor and Walton era’s. Then you had Jordan and the Bulls looking like Cousy and the Celtics. Well in NJ AAU basketball before there was Team NJ Elite or NJ ABC, Team NJ wrecked havoc on the AAU scene. Led by Dexter Strickland, Parris Bennett, Raymond Graham and Anthony Baskerville (the core), they managed to run off six consecutive state titles. Throughout the tri-state area this squad name rang bells. Most of the players have went on to successful careers in high school as Dexter Strickland has committed to North Carolina, Raymond Graham is regarded as one of the top running backs in the country while Paris Bennett and Anthony Baskerville are mulling over Division 1 offers. This has been a Mike Melton Flashback.