Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #12

Hey! How's everyone doing. I'm back again to tell you how my really upsetting week went. First off, let me tell you guys, I GOT INJURED! Before I get to that, let me explain how the first part of my week went. Monday I stayed home all day and did nothing. Really boring day. Tuesday I went to the Playaz practice in Paterson for our 15U team. It was A good practice. We got a lot of skill work done. When we do skill work the guards do big man drills and the big men do guard drills. After that we ran 'dummy' through all of our offenses. Lastly, we scrimmaged and we went at it. Myles Davis and I are usually in the back court together. Myles Mack and Jhamir White are on the other side. It's an intense battle. I think that's why we play so well together, 'we tired of goin at each other.

Wednesday, was DOOMS DAY! After school I just wanted to play ball, wherever, it didn't matter. I told my dad to take me to the top 100. But we didn't go. I went to one park and nothing was happening over there. But my friends were telling me stay here take A day off and just hang out with them. I said no because I'm hard headed and just wanna' play ball. So I went to the park up the block and got on the court right away. I won the first game and then the second game came up. On the second play of the game, BOOM! I fall to the ground knee first. I was screaming for help all I could think is 'Awl man my career is over'. I got home and rested it. I didn't think it was anything serious. My mom came home and took me to the emergency room. I had an X-Ray and there was no break in my knee cap, that was good news. The doctor then told me I had to go to another doctor the next day and get a MRI to see if there is any other damage. The doctor said I just had A bruised knee.

Thursday I went and got a MRI. That was the most annoying thing ever! The results said its just a bad bruise. The weekend came and my team went to Pittsburg. I went too but I had to watch. The most painful thing ever :-( . I watched my team lose to Specie Indy from Indiana in the Elite 8 of the tournament. There were some good 15U teams in the tournament. Ohio Basketball Club(they won the CHIP) with Stevie Taylor, Jhavon Clark and Chenne Behanne (he's a beast!!!), Boo Williams with fellow 8th grader Justin Anderson, and also All Ohio Red with our old teammate Chauncey Orr. We played them in pool play and beat them. Well, its all good. I'll be back to play in two or three weeks. Next week we go to Rhode Island for the Prov Jam Fest. I'm not playing in that tournament either, but I'll let you guys know if my knee got better or worse. Hopefully better. Be back next week, LATER!

Tha Prince