Monday, April 14, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #11

Hello to everyone this is Kyle Anderson. This is my weekly diary so enjoy while Itell you what happen during my week. This week was a week of straight street ball. I only had only one organized event this week which I'll tell you about later.

Monday I went out to the park in the next town over, Cliffside Park. I got there too late and had to wait some games and only got in two games. :-( . Won both of the games though. The next day, same park but I got their early. The first game was a warm-up but the rest was business. A lot of good players were out there and I never lost at that park. I won 4 straight games but the fifth one, I received my first lost there ever!

The next two days were days of relaxation. Wednesday was nothing, but Thursday I went out to eat with my mother at a restaurant named Bone Fish in Secaucus NJ. It was her birthday and we celebrated a little early. I had a nice time with my family especially since my sister Tai who came up from Atlanta was there. I haven't seen her in a while. Friday I had A game at IS8 in Queens, N.Y.. It was in the 19U division. I played with the Playaz 16u. That's Jayon James, Fuquan Edwin, Zeke Epps, Ashon White, Shaq Thomas TJ Clemmins and a new kid named Mike from Mt Holley. He's a guard and did pretty good. We lost to Team NYC ABC by 1. I didn't play well, only had 4 pts.

The next day just spent my day around basketball at IS8 and watched my manz Myles Davis play. Myles dropped 27 in one of his games and was hitting jumpers all over the place. One play he took two steps over half court and rained in a '3'. He ended the game with a game winning '3'. 'That's my manz'. Later that night my sister took me to my favorite restaurant of all time, Amy Ruth's, :-)! It's in Harlem on 116 and Lenox Ave. The next day were 2 IS8 games in Queens. The first game I actually played well. I had 11pts and played the 5, LOL, yes in 19U I played the 5 on defense and the PG on offense. The 2nd game was A blowout and I didn't score. But we still won.

After that long week I went home Sunday night I got home at 6 and fell asleep forthe night. I didn't wake up until the next morning. Next week is Pittsburg I'll tell you guys if we win or not. Were missing' our 6'9 Desmond Hubert but we'll be alright. First game is against All Ohio Red who just beat OBC with Chenne and Stevie. Can you say DOG FIGHT! PEACE!

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