Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Introducing: Nassir Barrino

The Barrino and Blackman family are known for producing big time guards that torch opponents in Newark, NJ. The latest edition of the offspring seems to be ready to carry the torch for another decade. His name is Nassir Barrino. I first laid eyes on Barrino as a bright eyed 8 year old launching deep bombs at the Zoo Crew Summer League. He’s now 11 and has grown a few inches while adding many facets to his game. This past weekend Nassir played with the NJ Pirates in the 12 and Under State Championship. His team didn’t get the win but it was very apparent that this youngster has the chance to be very special. Barrino is like an offensive explosion, he’s extremely quick off the dribble and will kill you with driving lay ups or deep treys. When he gets into traffic he also knows how to initial contact to get to the line. Defensively his speed and court awareness allows him to play the passing lanes and harass ball handlers. The one aspect that Nassir will need to work on is finishing with his left hand. He knows how to go hard with his left hand dribble but when he gets to the cup he uses his right to score. This should be an easy adjustment as he picks up strength.