Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2026 Top Performers Part 4

The Class of 2026 has some of the top players in the region at the Future Phenom Camp. Here’s our final look at the top performers of the rising 8th Graders. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2026 Top Performers Part 4

Jayden Johnson Guard (NJ)- Johnson impressed us with his ball handling and ability to get buckets. He also unique court vision. The Elizabeth guard returned to the Spotlight after growing a few more inches which makes his potential scarier. The wiggle in his game will be exciting to watch for years to come. 

Isaiah Gore Guard (NJ)- Gore picked his game up on Day 2. The combo guard put up big scoring numbers during a showdown with nationally ranked Jordan Skyers. Gore got it done from all three levels and dished the rock when needed. I love his patented spin move which usually results in a bucket. When he plays with this type of passion he really stands out.

Javion Cesar Jones Guard (NJ)- Jones is a player that’s oozing with potential. When the wiry guard is on his game he’s knows how to score and get teammates involved. He’s capable of playing the passing lanes or helping out on the glass. His potential size makes him a scary prospect down the road.

Aaron Cote Guard (MA)- Cote is a quick guard that shoots the three ball well while possessing some sneaky athleticism. His speed also allows him to get things done on the other side of the ball while making things hectic for opposing guards.

William Spross Guard (NJ) – Spross play with a confidence level that we love. He is a high level 3-point shooter and will do whatever his team needs to get the win. We saw him make a between the leg layup on the fast break that brought some excitement to the crowd and his teammates.

Ryan Anderson Forward (NY) – Anderson is a long lefty that is a prospect with a high ceiling. If he continues to work, he has a chance to be a name that we will be hearing about in NY. Right now, he is raw offensively and can guard multiple positions on defense. We like his long-term potential if he keeps working.

Xavier Sanchez Guard (MA) – Xavier has great positional size. He glides down the court and he has a smoothness to his game. He is an elite level passer and one of the better passers in the camp. We liked how he gets in the paint and kicks to open three-point shooter around the perimeter.

Raul Cruz Jr. Forward (MA) – Cruz is a strong forward that can grab the rebound and push the rock leading the break. We like his ball handling ability for his size and how he passes finding open teammates. With his strong frame he excels finishing around the basket and through contact.