Sunday, September 26, 2021

Future Phenom Camp Class 2028/29 Top Performers Part 3

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2028/29 gave a us a look at the Baby Ballers on the rise. Here’s our fat the final look at top performers on this level. 

Future Phenom Camp Class 2028/29 Top Performers Part 3 
Jackson Boyd Forward (NJ)- This was Boyd’s first Future Phenom Camp experience and once he carved his niche, he was good to go. Boyd is tough finishing inside and relentless on the glass on both ends. Jackson is a throwback because he doesn’t waste time trying to look cute and dance on the perimeter. Once he touches the rock he goes directly to work. He finished as a Top 20 All Star.

Cameron Chisholm Guard (MA)- Cameron is a guard that loves to attack of the bounce. He has a good floater game and can also finish off drives with the left hand. I like his ability to run a squad and be vocal while directing traffic. He finished as a Top 20 All Star.

Jordan Wise Jones Guard (NJ)- The southpaw can run the show or score the rock when giving the opportunity. He knows how to attack the gaps or run the lane on the breaks before finishing. He also can drill it from deep. He finished as a Top 20 All Star.

Yazir Barnes Forward (NJ)- Barnes is a stocky wing that is extremely nimble on his feet. He’s quicker than what he appears to be and knows how to get buckets. The lefty has a smoothness about him that will have you waiting to see more. I’m looking forward to seeing him with his team during the season.

Dallas Baldwin Guard (NJ)- Baldwin get after hard on both ends. On offense he ran the floor and finished well in transition. On defense he was a ball hawk and played the passing lanes very well. He’s a good all around player that any coach will love to have on the roster.