Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Richie Rosa (Pequannock, NJ) Entry #2

Saludos a todos mis amigos en la comunidad de BBALLSPOTLIGHT (Hello to all my friends in the Bballspotlight community) 

This week began with the celebration of Hispanic Heritage month that’s why I posted my intro in Spanish. My Dad and Mom are of Puerto Rican descent and surprised me with an autobiography book of Roberto Clemente “The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero” for me to read and take in this month. I already know about him but I've never owned this biography book which is cool now I can put it next to my Kobe Bryant book "Mamba Mentality” another great read. Let's begin with my weekly journey. 

Monday, I woke up 6am and began with some yoga nice and early before eating a healthy breakfast. I then got ready for school. I went to school and finally got all my assigned classes. I can’t wait for what’s to come academically. I promised myself to over achieve academically, so there’s no holding back in that category. I finished the day with some good on the court battle. I even got a chance to compete against one of the nation’s top point guards’ Elliot Cadeau. He’s in the Class of 2024 he is someone that will always get the best out of you. I’m not going to say the outcome but just know he’s top in his class for a reason. Later that day I got home and got some jump shots up with my little sister Skyla. I was able to teach her a jab step, so let’s see if she remembers later this week when we shoot around again. Finally, my Dad and I had video session with my football team just to go over any kinks we might need to adjust before our matchup this upcoming weekend. 

Tuesday, I woke up at 6:30 am, I decided to do some meditation nice and early before getting ready for school or eating my oatmeal. School was good, all my classmates are focused and share similar goals as myself so the attention level is at a high throughout the day. After school I got home and soaked in a much-needed Epson salt bath it was relaxing and it got me ready for football practice that evening. Finally, I got home and settled in. I continue reading my assigned book from school (Strong Inside: Perry Wallace and the collision of race and sports in the south) before taking it down and going to bed. 

Wednesday, my alarm went off 6:00 am and I began my morning with stretch and some yoga. I ate breakfast before getting ready for school. I had an eventful day again at school. Once again, the great thing about our school it goes by so quick because we are continuously doing something either it be class or specific trainings. Afterschool I got home and took my little sister out for some hoops she remembered the jab step from Monday without me bringing it up she’s listening and that’s a plus. I then went inside and got ready for football practice. I packed a bag for basketball practice later that night with NJ Scholars. After football, I we went straight to basketball practice and was a little late but just being there is a plus especially going from one practice to the other. I was a little tired but my mentality changed once I was on the court competing. It was a great run with the fellas plus Coach Dayne knows how to get the best out of all of us while we are there. Finally, practice was over and I got home, settled in before going to bed. It was a long day. 

Thursday, I Woke up at 6am did some morning yoga and ate a breakfast before getting ready for school. School went well that’s always a plus but mainly today I worked extra hard in conditioning since I didn’t have anything planned afterwards. After-school I had a final football practice for the week to get ready for this weekend’s game against Little Falls. This weekend’s game will be tough because Little Falls always plays hardcore defense, so I practiced this week even more on breaking away and getting free After practice I got home settled in and continued to read my summer reading assignment for school which actually helped me relax and get ready for bed. 

Friday, I got up 6:30 am and did some morning meditation. I must say I was super relaxed before going to school. School was great, I had a good day in class while helping out others with their math assignments. Math is one of my best subjects, so anytime I can be a help especially solving problems I’m all for it. After school I had a scheduled workout with Trev from Northeast Basketball, he’s one of a few trainers I’ll be posting about here and there that I get my work in with. I worked on my shots and shot decisions with him. I got a good workout with him as always. Finally, I got home and settled in I got to spend some time with my family and friends before my game day tomorrow. 

Saturday, Game Day! I started off with a well-rested morning. My dad surprised me with some tickets to St. Peters Prep and Seton Hall Prep football game at 1:00. We went and it turned out to be an insane double OT game in Jersey City with St. Peters winning 22-21 wow. That game had me pumped up and ready for my match up today. Soon as I got home, I put on some highlight reels to get me pumped up. We arrived at 6:45 for our pre-game warmups since game time was 8 pm. We won 19-14. I had three receiving touchdowns and a one-handed interception in a critical point in the game. The game was closer than it should have been but a win is a win. It was such a great day and I wasn’t able to fall asleep until all the excitement wore off. 

Sunday began with a great breakfast high in protein got my orange juice in hand as we ended going to a Exposure Showcase for 1stLove basketball follow( IG@1STLOVEBASKETBALL) for coverage of event it was located in Mount Laurel in the league bound sports complex. I stayed only for two out of three games while receiving Player of the Game for both games. I also was given some dope apparel from the Player Circle brand for those 2 awards. I was a good event but I really wanted to go home and rest. I’m glad they had me there I was able to meet and socialize with new friends. After the event we drove back home to catch some NFL football games on TV before calling it a day and going to bed. I have school tomorrow so rest was important. 

Thanks again for being a part of my weekly journey hopefully I can entertain you a little more the next week.