Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Diary Of A Baller: Judah Hidalgo (Pennsauken, NJ) Entry #2

Hey Basketball Spotlight World, 

It’s Judah and I’m back to share more of my story with you guys. 

On Monday since it was a holiday, I didn’t do too much working out so I was working more on my form shooting and to get my arc better and shot quicker. 

Tuesday, I started back up on online school and after I finished school, I had a game at eight at total turf to keep me in shape and my stamina up, after that I came and did my work and rested. 

Wednesday after I finished school, I had another game for total turf and after I played that game, I went on an elliptical machine to keep me in shape. 

Thursday after school I went running for three miles outside. After I had finished running, I worked on my ball handling and worked on going downhill, doing acrobatic finishes and getting into a mid- range jumper. 

Friday after I finished school I kind of took the day off but I still got 500 threes up but after that I chilled for the rest of the day to give my body a day’s rest. 

On Saturday I had to go to marquee hoops camp, it was a good camp with a lot of division one coaches helping out with the camp sessions. I had three games on Saturday. Performed well in my first and second game but just ran out of gas in my third game but we still went 3–0 in our games. 

On Sunday I went back to the camp and it was playoffs and we won and went to the championship but lost in overtime. I had a lot of fun at that camp because I met new people from all over so it was better competition but much better for my game to develop. 

But that’s it for me this week, once again thanks for bringing me back to do Diary of a Baller, love to be here and glad to be back here so until I come back, I’m out!!