Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Diary Of A Baller: Judah Hidalgo (Pennsauken, NJ) Entry #1

Hey, Basketball Spotlight World, 

I’m Judah Hidalgo, an 8th Grader from Pennsauken, NJ and I attend Phifer Middle School. I would like to start off thanking Mr. Mike Melton and Basketball Spotlight for giving me the opportunity to do Diary Of A Baller and share my life with you guys. 
Last weekend my team (Team Final) and I entered a tournament playing up in the 9th Grade Division. It had been a long time since I played a 5 on 5 game or even ran up and down the floor in a game situation since quarantine. I did pretty good both games but still need to work on some things to get better. I was just happy to be back on the court playing. 

Monday, I woke at 7:30 and started my online schooling because we do remote learning. After school I did my homework and went outside to shoot on the shooting machine. I shot five hundred shots from five different spots on the court. Next, I went in my weight room at home before running on the elliptical for thirty minutes to work on my stamina. I worked on small things to improve my game like my balance for my ball handling and agility to improve my defense. After working out I rested for the remainder of the day. 

Tuesday, I had the same routine for school but held off doing my homework until later. After school I went to see my trainer Rickey Sullivan (RJS), he’s a great trainer for guards in terms of taking their skills to the next level and doing one on one moves. He also helps me become a better all-around player and scorer. Finally, we did the vertimax and finished up shooting. 

Wednesday, after I finished school I went outside and did ball handling and shooting. I shot fifty mid-range from five spots and one hundred three pointers from five spots. My next stop was the weight room where I worked on chest and back. Later I did my homework and studied for my biology test scheduled for Friday. 

Thursday, I will back at RJS working on how to get my shot off quicker and handle the ball quicker. I went home and did my homework before studying some more for my biology exam. The next day was my basketball day off so I shot one hundred free throws and rested. 

Saturday, I had two games at the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase which was a great event. I played well both games but must continue to work on my stamina because I got winded pretty quickly. The next day I did my church service and took the day off from shooting. I just went to the weight room and did my leg workouts. I finished the day doing my homework and studying for my upcoming Algebra test. 

Thank you, guys for listening to my week and I will see you next week. 

Judah Hidalgo