Friday, September 20, 2019

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2027 Top Performers Part 2

Yasir Turner

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Class of 2027 gave us a another look at the baby ballers. Here’s Part 2 of our report on this class. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2027 Top Performers Part 2 

Yasir Turner Guard (Pennsylvania)- Wow Turner was spectacular at the Future Phenom Camp. The lightning quick point guard got anywhere he wanted on the floor while making plays. He’s extremely explosive, tough as nails and a good play maker. On the defensive end he’s like a pit bull while playing defense 94 feet. He finished Top 6 in the camp while making the AGame All American Game.

Tyler Sutton Guard (Pennsylvania)- Sutton is wired to get buckets and proved it at the Future Phenom Camp. He can shoot from deep as well as excel in the open floor. He also possesses the toughness Philly guards are known for. I’m excited to see him perform on the circuit. He played well in the AGame All American Game.

Julian Donovan Guard (Massachusetts)- Donovan is a tough guard with some wits and craftiness which allows him to maneuver around the defense. He loves charging down hill and dropping dimes to teammates. His play got him a spot in the AGame All American Game.

Tahsir Carter Forward (New Jersey)- Carter is a power player with a soft touch on the blocks. He’s still learning the game therefore he has a way to go but we can see his upside. He can score when close and clogs the lane well on the defensive end. We will watch this kid as he plays on the circuit with Playtime Panthers. He was an AGame All American.

Trey Newton Guard (Pennsylvania)- Trey is a cat quick southpaw that helped his team win the championship. He pushes the rock end to end in a blur and scores when out front of the defense. He also can play some point guard if needed. I know a Philly team has to have this kid on lock.

Eshan Watson Guard (New York)- Watson’s genes indicate that he will be growing in the few years which could be dangerous. Eshan already has the knack to score and create opportunities for himself and teammates. We love watching him rock.