Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 2

Mason Piorkowski

The Class of 2023 participated in their final Spotlight event at the Future Phenom Camp. Here are the top performers from this event. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2023 Top Performers Part 2 

Mason Piorkowski Guard (NJ)- Mason is small but crafty guard that can create space to get his shot off. You cannot leave him open because Mason is deadly shooter from the outside. He also capable of giving crisp passes to his teammates for easy baskets.

Jake Croce Forward (NJ)- Croce is player that everyone wants on their team. He is a great teammate that likes to play the game the right way. Croce is a very good passer and puts his teammates in great positions to score the ball. Jake has the ability to knockdown the open shot; He has great size and is a willing defender.
Cameron Piggee Guard (NJ)- Piggee is a willing leader on the basketball court. He is a very vocal on the court and helps his teammates to be in the right position to defend. Piggee finishes really well around the basket and has a very nice pull up game. He is developing into a really good point guard.
Jaaden Simpkins Guard (MA)- Simpkins is a guard that is a slasher. Simpkins finishes around the basket very well and is great rebounder at his position. Jaden has a great motor on both sides of the ball.
Ian Imegwu Forward (NJ)- Ian plays the center spot and showed why he is growing into a force in the middle. Ian’s body was built to play the post and he also has a soft touch from 15 feet out. He has the ability to finish with both hands at the basket; We loved his potential and can see him as a major force in the coming years.
Scott Schmitt Forward (NJ)- Scott stands about 6’9 inches and plays the center spot. Scott is a player still developing on the offensive side of the ball. On defensive end he was able to block countless shots and change many more. As Scott develops he will become one of the top bigs in the class.
Daejon Gibson Guard (MA)- Gibson is a quick guard that can attack the rim for an array of finishes. Gibson has the potential to be an elite point guard in the near future. Daejon sees the floor very well and put his teammates in good positions to score.