Sunday, September 15, 2019

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2025 Top Performers Part 3

Judah Hidalgo

The Class of 2025 gave us a chance to check out some of the top talent in the region. Here is our first report for this class. 

Future Phenom Camp Class of 2025 Top Performers Part 3 

Judah Hidalgo Guard (New Jersey)- Yes you read it right Hidalgo has made the full transition to the guard spot. During the camp he sacrificed his scoring to show he could be a play maker and set up teammates. His size allowed him to make crisp passes in the half court and transition setting. Now he’s joined the RJS training group so expect him to really explode on the circuit. He finished Top 6 in the camp and played in the AGame All American Game.

Peter Mauro Guard (New Jersey)- Mauro is wired to get a bucket. He’s built like a running back and is capable of bursting through traffic before finishing. He can get buckets from all three levels and showed it during the camp and when he won King of the Court contest. He finished Top 6 in the camp and participated in the AGame All American Game.
Amir Jenkins Guard (Massachusetts)- This kid has the flash and skills to match it. His handle is very slick and his court vision stands out. Good luck trying to keep this guy out the lane because he can part the red sea. Jenkins can also shoot from the perimeter in case you decide to back off. He was an AGame All American.
Linstro Griffin Forward (New Jersey)- Griffin was a force on both ends of the floor. On offense he scores inside and outside while showing improvement in his ball handling. On defense he alters and blocks shots while hitting the glass whenever necessary. On the next level we see him developing into more of a wing prospect on both sides of the floor. He played in the AGame All American Game.
Carey Maxey Guard (New Jersey)- Maxey can shoot with the best of them and creates if he needs to. He has good size for his positions and some craftiness with the rock. He came up big for his squad at the end of a big game and played in the AGame All American Game. We will see Maxey on the circuit with FCP Elite.
Channer Duke Forward (New York)- Be on the lookout for Duke because he’s super lanky with ball handling and not even scratching the surface of potential. He runs the floor like a deer and scores with ease on the baseline and in the lane. He has good instincts and touch. We will be looking for him on a team on our circuit. He was an AGame All American.
Patrick McDonough Guard (Maryland)- McDonough is a true play maker and confident guard. He’s been known to be deadly from deep and now has added other facets to his game. He has a good hesitation move and can hit cutting teammates with great dimes. He’s super tough all around the board and played in the Agame All American Game.
Jayson King Guard (New Jersey)- King is an ultra-quick guard from the Jersey Shore. He plays either guard position well and should end up bring a combo on the next level. I’m curious to see who he rocks with on the circuit. He could be a quiet steal for a quality squad.