Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaden Bradley (Concord, NC) Entry #5

The Bradleys At The Kentucky vs Tennessee Game!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to week 5 of my journey. 

Monday morning, first day of 2018. After being back in New York for a few days, it was nice to see the sun again. I forgot how cold winter really is. One more day before the break is over, so I think I will play 2K for a while. I have not really done a lot today, so I am out to the garage to get a workout in and start 2018 off right. 

Tuesday morning, I am dragging today, I got used to sleeping in a little bit. When I finally got out of my bed, I got ready for school and grabbed some breakfast before my mom dropped me off. The school day went by kind of fast, we did a lot of review work. I have some homework to do tonight, back to grind I guess. I have a couple of quizzes this week, so I have to get ready for them. After school I had practice, it seems like we have been out of the gym for a long time. I can’t wait to use all the skills I worked on over the break today and in my game on Thursday. Once I got home from practice, it was a pretty long day. I sat down and started my homework before dinner. I think I will watch a little TV before I shower up and go to bed. 

Wednesday, I woke up at my usual time so I had the chance to play my music while I got ready for school and ate breakfast. I got to school at my usual time and got my day started. In English class we watched a part of the film, Romeo and Juliet. We are reading this book now and let’s just say I am glad we are watching it too – the language in this book is strange, I wonder if people really talked like that. Anyway, the day ended as usual with practice. We have a game tomorrow and I am so ready to get back on the court. After practice, I went home and got my homework done and ate dinner. My brother plays at 8 pm tonight so I have a little more time to get everything done. Once the game was over, I headed to the garage to work out before bed. 

Thursday…Game day! I am ready to hoop today. We are still undefeated and now we are going to start the second half of our season, the competition is going to be intense. The school day went by slow since my teammates and I are excited to get on the bus for the game. After a great pregame meal, we got to the gym to watch the girls play for a few quarters before we have to go get dressed. Now, its game time and I am hype. While we were warming up, there were a few kids on the side watching us and they wondering if we could dunk. I got a dunk in the warm up and so did one of my teammates. My team won the game and we are still holding on to the number one seed. Our playoff start in a few weeks, I hope we get a second championship. Anyway, one game at a time, right? Now that the game is over, I have to get home and finish my homework. I am pretty tired from the game, but I have to put in the work on these books too. 

Friday, this week at school has seemed kind of long even though we had a day off on Monday. I am glad the weekend is finally here. The school day dragged for me today. I have a little bit of homework this weekend. I think I did well on both my quizzes this week, so it was not a bad week of school I suppose. After school, I practiced with the JV team since my practice was canceled. I really like practicing with the older team every chance I get, they challenge me and I like to challenge them right back. Once I got home and showered, I went over to my friend’s house to sleep over. So you know we played 2K and stayed up late. 

Saturday morning came pretty quick, I have to get up and ready for a workout. My parents picked me up and I went to the trainer. The workout was tough, but it was needed. After the workout, I went home and changed clothes. My dad and I have the opportunity to go to the Tennessee vs. Kentucky basketball game tonight. I am beyond excited because I have been a Kentucky fan for as long as I can remember. I also will get a chance to work out with some older high school kids from Charlotte and Tennessee as well. When we got to the game, we entered the gym through the tunnel where the teams go out onto the floor. I got the chance to see the Wildcats getting hype in the tunnel before the entered the gym. I know this is going to be a good game.

See You Guys Next Week,

Jaden Bradley 

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