Monday, January 22, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaden Bradley (Concord, NC) Entry #7

Jaden Bradley 

Welcome to week 7, my Monday started with a dentist appointment and then I went to an observance ceremony in remembrance of Dr King with my parents. Later in the afternoon, I went shopping to find a suit for the Bar Mitzvah I am attending on Saturday. I had a nice day today, great way to end a long weekend. 

Tuesday, game day! Kind of feels like a Monday morning though since we didn’t have school yesterday. I’m up now and ready to get this day started. I think tonight’s game is going to be exciting and challenging, we are playing Providence Day school. They have only lost won game - to Cannon. We were worried when one of our teammates didn’t come to school, he is one of our starters and we are also down a player due to injury. As expected, it was a tough game. We won by 6 points. A few of my friends came to my game, it was cool to see them. They were talking about a chance of snow tomorrow, I think we might get a snow day. Later in the evening, the school called and told us it was closed. I might get the chance to sleep in a little in the morning. 

On Wednesday morning, I was kind of surprised to see snow falling. I went to the YMCA for a workout and only got halfway through before they ended up closing it early. I spent the snow day hanging out with my boy, playing video games. I hope there is school tomorrow because we have a game. As the day went on and it just kept on snowing. This is kind of weird for North Carolina. My coach just sent a text out, school is closed tomorrow, man I wanted to play that game. 

No school again today, but I made the most of it. I stayed over my friend’s house and played 2K. When my parents’ picked me up, they took me shopping to finish getting some things for the event I am attending on Saturday. Once I got back home, I reviewed for the quiz I was supposed to have before school was closed. I’m glad for the extra study time, I am definitely ready for the quiz. Back to business tomorrow. Before I call it a night, I need to get a workout in. No days off. 

Friday, school is on a delay so I got to sleep a little longer. The school day went pretty quick, no homework over the weekend. I have practice after school and I will probably go to the Varsity practice as well. When I got picked up, I got my haircut. I won’t be staying up too late tonight since I have to be up early in the morning. 

Saturday morning, I’m dressed in a suit ready to go to my friend’s Bar Mitzvah. There are two parts of the event today, the first is the service where he is blessed by his family and he reads from the Torah (Bible). We participated in the ceremony by reading passages in Hebrew. This is something I definitely won’t forget. After the morning portion was completed I went home and changed clothes. I went to the Varsity game at my school, we had a pretty big rivalry game today. Unfortunately, we did not win this time. Once the game was over I had to get back home to change for the celebration part of the Bar Mitzvah. It was a fun party, we played games, danced and took pictures in a photo booth. I came home pretty late and went right to bed, I have to be up early in the morning. No days off. 

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