Monday, January 29, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaden Bradley (Concord, NC) Final Entry

Jaden Bradley

Welcome to week 8, thank you for following me these past few weeks. 

Sunday morning, up early and headed out the door. I have a workout with CP3 2021 today. The workout was pretty intense, my shots were falling today and I caught a few dunks. Now I am headed to Wake Forest for an unofficial visit. We had a lot of fun and got to see a great game. 

Monday, game day! The playoffs start today, I will be counting down the hours during the school day today. The school day dragged a bit. After school, my team met in the gym to get some pregame shots before our pregame meal. My team came out hot. I got two fouls in the first half, so I was in and out of the game. When I got back in the game, I was dropping buckets. I ended up fouling out today, that doesn’t usually happen. My team won and we move on to the second round on Wednesday. Our Varsity team had a pretty big game tonight too, we played Christ School. Our team played tough, we lost by 4. Once I got home, I was pretty tired but I had to get my homework done. I am going to sleep good tonight. 

Tuesday, I am dragging this morning but I am up and ready to get the day started. We had class time to get started on homework which is always a bonus. I don’t have too much to finish when I get home tonight. During practice we reviewed plays to get ready for the game tomorrow. When I got home, I finished the rest of my homework and took a shower. After dinner, my mom took me back to the school to watch the varsity game. I still need to get a workout in so I will probably get a light one before I call it a night. 

Wednesday, Hump Day or as I like to call day. I’m up and ready to go get this day going. The school day went as planned, I didn’t have much homework. I got the chance to start my homework in study hall so that’s a bonus. Once school ends, I’m heading straight to the gym to get shots up. The game started and we had slot of nervousness. One of our starters couldn’t play today because he was out most of the school day. We held it down for him though and luckily I didn’t foul today. It was a very competitive game, Holy Trinity school meant serious business. We won the game today by 5. My team is moving on to the championship game on Monday. I’m exhausted so I am just going to relax when I get home. My brother has a game tonight so I will watch that and head to bed. 

Thursday morning, getting one step closer to the weekend. The school day was different today though, I got the chance to host a prospective student. The student shadowed me to my classes and got the chance to see what a day in the life is like for a Cannon student. After school I had practice, my ankle was a little sore from the night before but I was able to practice full out. Once I got home and had dinner, we went to the Rocky River vs Butler game. Butler won their first meeting and Rocky River held on to win this match up, it was a really competitive game. Anyway time to call it a night, must end the week strong. 

Finally, it’s Friday! My school day starts the same as most other days. I don’t have practice tonight so I will probably hang out with my boy and play 2K. Most of the night we spent eating pizza and playing the game. I won’t be up too late though because I have a workout in the morning. 

Happy Saturday, I am up and ready to hit the gym. I had a great workout with my trainer today and now I’m headed to play in a winter league game. It was a good game, I have not been able to get out to this league in a while. I got home just in time to watch my brother play, his team win by 20. Now I’m getting ready to hit the mall and meet up with some friends. I will probably stay over my friend’s house tonight and go home in the morning before practice. We stayed up late and played video games. Time to call it a night. Another great weekend. Thank you for joining my journey over these past 8 weeks. Thank you Basketball Spotlight for the opportunity. 

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