Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaden Bradley (Concord, NC) Entry #6

Bradley Work And Play

Welcome back and thanks for reading my journal. Here’s what I did this week. 

Monday morning already, I don’t really enjoy Mondays. It’s so hard to get up and motivated especially if I had a busy weekend. I went to school, the day went by kind of slow. I had a few quizzes that I had to get done. This is midterm week so we will get our grades to take home. I think I did pretty well do I’m excited to show my parents. After school it was practice time, the regular season will be ending soon and the middle school playoffs will start. I think my team will do pretty well if we keep playing hard. Once I get home, I started my homework and I split it between dinner since I had a lot of work to do. It’s time to get some rest...good night. 

Tuesday...game day! I jumped up this morning because of course I’m ready to play. Tonight we play Covenant Day, we travel to them this game. My team and I played really good, we were excited to keep our undefeated streak alive. Now that the game is over, I get to go to Chick Fil A that is the highlight of game days. After dinner I had to get my homework done, shower up and get ready for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, Hump Day! I woke up a little tired this morning, but I’m ready to get at it. I have a lot to do tonight after school and practice so I’m going to try to make a dent on my homework in study hall. After practice ended, I went to the Davidson College basketball game with my head coach and a couple of my teammates. It was a great game. I still had homework to finish though, so it was kind of a late night. 

Thursday....game day! I seem to jump out of bed on game days, I don’t know what it is because it’s still early. We play Charlotte Country Day, I’m ready for some great competition but first...school. The team played really well we ended up winning by 30. I was excited because some family came and got a chance to watch me play. I took a few lumps during this game, I know I will be sore tomorrow. 

It’s finally Friday, our Varsity team has a game, so I will be there to cheer my team on. The school day is dragging, I invited a couple of my teammates over to sleep over so I’m excited to hang out with them after we come from the game. Progress reports went out today, I did pretty well; I have to keep grinding though. The Varsity game was good, we ended up losing though. After the game, my friends and I ate pizza and played PS4 late into the night. 

Saturday morning, it seems like we just fell asleep. Once my friends left, I got ready to go to training. It was a hard workout today, but it was awesome. I also got a chance to get shots up this afternoon. I don’t have any company today so I will get some sleep tonight.