Monday, December 14, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Cone (Kernersville, NC) Entry #7

Happy Birthday Jalen Cone!

This week is going to be an exciting week! My birthday is today, December 14th. The first thing that I did was when I woke up this morning was to thank Jesus for another year of life!!! This past year seems like it went by fast. It was a BLESSED year and God has afforded me great opportunities like being nationally ranked and playing on one of the top varsity teams in the county as an eighth grader. Time flies so I have to make the best of every opportunity. 

 I would also like to talk about this tournament my school team (High Point Christian Academy - HPCA) is playing in this week and all next week. The tournament is called the "City of Palms Classic". City of Palms is in Fort Myers, Florida. This might be the best high school basketball event this year. All of the top high school players in the country will be in attendance playing with their school team. All our games will be played on ESPN. I am really excited for this great opportunity. 

We have been preparing for tournaments like this all pre-season and during the season. We just have to go down there and prove that we are the best. Every time we step on the court we are playing ourselves. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. So if we want it as bad as we say we want it, we will come out with VICTORIOUS every game. We want to bring the championship trophy to HPCA!!!

Until Next Week!
Jalen Cone