Sunday, November 15, 2015

Teach Me Classic Winter League 6th Grade Top Performers

Jayquan Briggs (Playaz)

The Teach Me Classic Winter League kicked off this weekend and Basketball Spotlight went to Teaneck, NJ for the opening day. We decided to focus our coverage on the 5th and 6th Grade Divisions. Here’s our top performers from the 6th Grade Division. 

Teach Me Classic Winter League 6th Grade Top Performers 

Jayquan Briggs Guard (Playaz)- Briggs is no doubt to the go to man on this squad. He has the green light and uses it often. He finishes well with either hand while scoring in traffic or transition. He used power to get through the gaps in the defense before scoring. He showed he could get buckets quickly and often.

TJ Robinson Guard (Playaz)- Robinson is only a 4th Grader but was one of the quickest guards we saw in Teaneck. He used blurring speed to get through the defense before getting to the cup. His size caused him to have early trouble finishing when he went too deep but he was able to hit a big trey to help put the game away. On defense he moves his feet well and understands that his job is to stay in front of defenders.
Sydir Mitchell Forward (Playaz)- The big fella showed endurance by playing on two different grade levels. He gets deep post position while displaying a soft touch. If you make the mistake of fouling him he’s pretty efficient from the charity stripe. He’s truly a load to handle down low on this level.
Shyheed Jenkins Guard (Hilltoppers Heat)- Jenkins is a tremendous ball handler with court vision and finishing ability despite his size. He’s fearless when attacking the lane and maneuvers around shot blockers very well. He’s a joy to watch and worth the price of admission.
Wendell Moreland Guard (Hilltoppers Heat)- Moreland played alongside Jenkins and provided the scoring for Hilltoppers. He’s stronger than Jenkins and uses this strength to go past defenders. He also showed good passing ability and a clean stroke from the mid-range area. He and Jenkins form a dynamic back court.
Cornelius Robinson Forward (Hilltoppers Heat)- Robinson did the rugged work inside for the Hilltoppers. He was tireless on the boards and scored on a couple of put backs. He’s strong enough to move bodies inside and quick enough to guard on the perimeter.
TJ Chisoln Guard (NY Lightning)- TJ joined the Lightning this year and looks good with his new team. He showed his quickness and superb ball handling to get anywhere on the court. He started the game out against Team IZOD by connecting on a few early threes. His play helped them pull out the win.
Nasir Muhammad Guard (NY Lightning)- Muhammad joined in on the win with Chisoln. He also drained a few early treys and converted on some tough finishes. He’s crafty and strong enough to split the defense and avoid traps. Finally, he was very active and useful in their pressure defense.
Jahlil Bethea Guard (NY Lightning)- Bethea reminds me of scoring southpaw Shamori Ponds. He has the quickness with the rock combined with range and a quick release. He made some good plays down the stretch of his team’s victory.
Sebastian Robinson Guard (Team IZOD)- Team IZOD has a tough day but I did like the smoothness of this point guard. Robinson has a fluid motion when handling the rock and can either set up teammates or look to score himself. His overall feel for the game makes me believe he should be a good one down the road.