Monday, November 16, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Cone (Kernersville, NC) Entry #3

High Point Christian Academy Basketball Team

This week I will be talking about our upcoming season at High Point Christian Academy. We are hype about our first game on this Tuesday, November 17th at home. We cannot wait to play together in an actual game for the first time! We know that the gym is going to be packed and we cannot wait to show the world what we’ve got! 

My teammates as mentioned on the roster below inspire me daily to work hard and to get better. They always push me around to make me tough mentally and physically. They also joke with me and treat me like I am their little brother. The welcomed me to the team since day one and did not treat me like an outsider. We are like a family; everybody looks out for each other and has each other’s back. It really is a great experience to be on a team like this and to be a part of a great school and basketball program. 

In closing, I have to give my head coach, Brandon Clifford, and my assistant coach, JD Johnson a shout out. They have confidence in my ability to be a great basketball player. They always get on me and yell at me, but at the end of the day I realize that they want to me reach my full potential in the classroom and on the court. I also want to thank them for allowing me to come over my eighth grade year. Most programs of this caliber bring in juniors and seniors for varsity, but they wanted to start with me as an eighth grader to help me realize what it takes to be great. I also want to give my other assistant coach, Mr. Spencer, some recognition for helping me on the court but mostly for helping me to get closer to God. 

Team Roster 
0 Ty Graves G Sr. 5-11 175
1 Jalen Cone G 8th 5-9 140
2 Chantz Sawyers G Jr. 6-0 160
3 Michal Seals G Sr. 5-9 160
5 Amidou Bamba F Sr. 6-7 235
10 Reece Bogan G Jr. 6-2 180
11 Michael Hueitt Jr G Jr. 6-3 150
12 Jalen Seegars G Jr. 6-5 225
13 Edrice "Bam" Adebayo F Sr. 6-9 262
14 Ben Robertson G Sr. 6-5 195
21 De'shaun Taylor G Jr. 6-3 175