Monday, November 30, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen Cone (Kernersville, NC) Entry #5

The Cone Family 

The most important thing to me, next to God, is my FAMILY!!! I have been blessed in my short fourteen years of life with a wonderful family. My parents are Harold and Alicia Cone. They have been married for twenty-one years and counting! My dad is from North Babylon, New York and came to North Carolina for college. He played basketball at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). My dad is a trainer at Fitness One Training Systems and he trains athletes from five years-old to professional players who play oversees. He and my mom were friends at church, but did not start dating until they were at UNCG together. My mother is an English Language Arts teacher – can’t you tell because she edits all of my articles. She is also my number one cheerleader! I thank my dad for training me all of my life and for inspiring me to work hard. I thank my mom for nurturing me and making me work hard academically.

I have three siblings, Drew, Madison and Joy. Drew is my oldest brother and he is a college student who plays point guard at Sandhills Community College. He inspires me and he pushes me to excel in basketball and to walk close with Jesus in my everyday life. My second oldest brother, Madison, is a beast on the football field. He is a defensive back who plays corner. He has eight college offers and counting. He is also a dynamic basketball player. Finally, my beautiful little sister is my Joy Joy! She is my ace even though we fuss. She is a gifted singer and a pretty good athlete on the basketball court. 

 In closing, I cannot talk about family without mentioning my rock, my Grandma, Pastor Geralene T. Patterson. She spoils me and she prays for me daily! My grandpa, Madison W. Cone is also a great supporter of my family. My late grandpa, Aaron Patterson, Sr., and my late grandma, Alice T. Cone, are my guardian angels watching me from heaven and cheering me on as I journey through life. I am appreciative to all of my family, friends, church family and god-parents, Chris and Kristi, for all of your love and support. …

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