Monday, October 14, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Myles Dread (Burtonsville, MD) Entry #6

Myles Dread

Dear Basketball World, 

This week was an interesting one at the Dread house. My parents went to Las Vegas on vacation last weekend. So we spent most of the week with my Nana. This week I got my schedule changed so I could move to advanced English. At first I was nervous about the change. But then I realized that it worked out for the better. My schedule helps me to get from class to class faster so I can be prepared. 

At practice I had a minor setback from finishing the whole practice. I dove after the ball and I got a knee in the eye! When I first got up I felt fine. When I was running around in the drills, I started to get dizzy and light-headed. My coaches told me to sit out. After they went over plays they started scrimmaging. My dad told me checked me out to see if I was ok. He then asked me if I thought I could be a leader from the sideline not cheering for my team mates. I thought about what he said and realized my head was ok and I got back out on the floor with my team. I felt better as we started to play. He challenges me like that a lot. It frustrates me sometimes, but I see the results paying off. When practice was over my team mates were laughing at me. I had a shiner from getting a knee in the eye! Thanks a lot Stevie! 

This weekend my parents and I sat down and decided to narrow down my choices for high schools. We started with eleven schools and ended up with six. We looked at a few criteria that a school must have that my parents and I like for me to keep it on my list. Then we started on the application process for some of the schools. I have four schools that I really like and I think would be cool to go to. Hopefully I make the right choice. 

Until next time, 
Myles Dread