Monday, October 28, 2013

8th Grade Program Preview: "The Bank" Looking To Cash In!

Milbank Flyers

This season Basketball Spotlight would like to start our program previews. We will give you a look into the top programs in the region and let you know what to look forward to. 

Team Name: Milbank Flyers 
Hometown: Harlem New York, NY 
Coaches: Preston Sharp, Raymond Bosco, Roosevelt Byers (Coach Rose) 
Last season tournament wins: Rod Strickland Runner Up, New York City 7th Grade Division 1 Regional Runner Up, 2013 Team Hunc Champions 
Key Returning Players: Tyrese Whitaker , Terrance Trice, Jayden Reaves, Naishawn Campbell, Darius Lee, Dijon Francis 
Key Additions: Cameron Thompson 
Key Departures: Daquan Campbell 
Scheduled Tournaments For This Season: BBall Spotlight, Fun-Sport, Rumble in the Bronx, MIT 

Coaches Outlook: Our 8th grade team will continue the rich tradition here at Milbank which is to play with lots of energy, fight and dedication on the court. They are very aggressive team with a very aggressive style of play and we will compete and expect great results. 

Spotlight Analysis: Milbank teams of the past always played hard and left everything on the floor. Hopefully this group can carry on the tradition. Tyrese Whitaker brings a wealth of experience at the point guard position while Terrence Trice is one of the most underrated scoring guards in the region. The kid gets buckets.