Friday, August 2, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Announces Talent Search Video Of The Week!

Basketball Spotlight understands that it is impossible for us to see all the top talent in the country. Therefore we have decided to let the players show us what you have. We are proud to introduce the Basketball Spotlight Talent Search Video Of The Week. Each week we will comb through our emails and find the best video. That video will be posted on our website for the entire week as that the Talent Search Video Of The Week. Below are the video credentials. 

1. Video Must Be In You Tube Format. 
2. Player Must Be a Middle School Player. 
3. Video Music Must Not Be Offensive In Any Matter. (No Profanity Please) 
4. Video Time Must Not Extend 4 Minutes. 
5. All videos must be submitted by Friday of that week and will be posted that next Monday. 
6. Video email needs to include an updated photo and brief bio of the player.

Basketball Spotlight is excited about this new endeavor and if you have a player that you think can qualify for the Talent Search Video Of The Week. Please send your footage to