Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Showcase Top Performers: Class Of 2017 Combo Guards (Usual Suspects)

Nate Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ)

The Class of 2017 was so loaded with combo guards that we decided to break down the top performers into two sections. Now we will look at the 2017 combo guards that have graced our website several times.

Class 2017 Top Combo Guards (Usual Suspects)

Nate Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ)- Pierre Louis was a scoring machine in his first two outings. The prolific southpaw zipped through the defense and finished with either hand. He also had the jump shot falling from the mid range and 3 point area. He’s a determined player and hard worker which mean he’s only going to get better.

John Paul Sanders (Camden, NJ)- Sanders plays the 1 thru 3 positions on the floor and is beginning to come into his own. Right now he does show some point intangibles but he’s more of a natural scorer. He just seems like a player that is nowhere near reaching his peak so the opposition should be worried.

Chaylyn Martin (Hartford, CT)- One of the most improved players of the year, Martin got a chance to show his offensive work. He demonstrated an improved ability to drive and score in traffic. He also got out in transition and made good decisions with the ball in his hands.

Aaron Clarke (Parsippany, NJ)- Clarke got a chance to operate as one of the primary ball handlers and I must say he had his moments. He has more wiggle in his game than I thought and now is fluid creating his own shot. His hard work is definitely starting to pay off.

Matthew Kachleries (Macungie, PA)-Kachleries confidence is still brewing from Summer Slam. His offensive production continues to rise and he isn’t afraid to take the big shot from behind the arc. Hopefully he can stay on this good roll that he’s enjoying.

Ahrod Carter (Chester, PA)- Carter high arching jumpers tickled the twine from deep. He also has nice mid range game and looks real good when he’s being aggressive. The former Mr. Memorial Day game has matured right in front of our eyes. We only expect him to get better.