Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Showcase Top Performers: Class Of 2017 Post Forwards

Jordon Riley (Durham, NC)

Last but not least we had some post players from the Class of 2017 that stood out during this event. Here’s a look at some of the top players that got busy on the blocks.

Class 2017 Top Post Forwards

Jordon Riley (Durham, NC)- Riley came into this event ranked in the Top 5 of America on everyone’s list. I must say the strong forward showed the crowd he was worthy of this high praise. Not only did he dominate down low on both ends of the floor but he showed tremendous range and accuracy on his outside shot. This kid is very nimble and agile for his size while possessing the touch many players dream of. He was definitely worth the price of admissions.

Ismail Charles (Hartford, CT)- Charles seemed to be pressing early but eventually settled down and got his game going. He battled hard during his showdown with Riley while showing he should be among the nation’s elite. Charles is developing into a nice face up forward.

Rooner Joseph (Ewing, NJ)- The rebounding machine kept things going at the showcase. He seems to be a magnet for the rock once it comes off the rim or backboard. This kid’s energy level is extremely high and he seems to understand the limitations in his game so he plays within his boundaries.

D’Andre Vilmar (Dover, DE)- Vilmar was a big surprise Saturday. He showed supreme athleticism, ability to score and an effort to handle the ball. This kid is a quick leaper with a great nose for the ball. I like his wiry frame, long arms and motor he plays with. He won’t be a post player for long.