Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Baller Super Showcase Preview (Class 2019)

AJ Hoggard (Coatesville, PA)

The Basketball Spotlight Baby Baller Super Showcase will take place Saturday and we have assembled some top talent. Here’s a look at some of the Class of 2019 participants (Rising 5th Graders).

Baby Baller Super Showcase Preview (Class 2019)

AJ Hoggard (Coatesville, PA)- After leading Team Nelson to a #9 finish “McBuckets” is out to prove that he’s the top talent in the region. His game is advanced for this age level and he possesses a killer instinct that’s rare for a 10 year old. We will be looking for him to dazzled the crowd and give us a day to remember.

Jaheim Tanksley (Edison, NJ)- Tanksley is worth the price of admissions. Now he can show the world that he’s one of the best point guards around. Jaheim has unbelievable range and accuracy from the perimeter. He will turn up the heat in a hurry and we will be watching Saturday.

Jalen Gaffney (Burlington, NJ)- Gaffney is another guard fighting for top floor general honors. He is very skilled and has good poise for a youngster in this age group. He also is capable of lighting up the scoreboard at anytime.

DJ Jackson (Hartford, CT)- Jackson is one of the most aggressive guards on this grade level. He’s a skilled ball handler with an accurate ratchet. He will be representing CBC hard in Burlington, NJ.

Mark Bradshaw (Chester, PA)- This lefty scores the rock like we breathe. He can launch the trey ball or score while driving. Now he will be out to carve is own name among the elite players in the region.

Tyler Brelsford (Ellicott City, MD)- The PV County prospect will be traveling up for some Northeast bump. The former Mr. Memorial Day now can really flaunt his skills for the tri-state fans. Defenders need to make sure they are ready for a slick handle.

Charles Noonan (Bronx, NY)- Noonan has good length and gets up the floor quickly. He should be able to make some good plays in this type of environment. We look forward to watching him on Saturday.