Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Super Showcase Top Performers: Class of 2016 Top Combo Guards

NyRhique Smith (Asbury Park, NJ)

The Class of 2016 had some serious talent in this event. Our next stop will be looking at the top performers from the combo guard position.

Class Of 2016 Top Combo Guards

NyRhique Smith (Asbury Park, NJ)- Smith saved his best game for the showdown against Tyus Battle and the Hornets. During this game he stretched the defense with his outside shot and still was able to dish some dimes to his teammates. He can score the ball with ease at times while also being able to snatch a few rebounds. We also need to mention that his court vision is special and impacts the game.

Keith Washington (Sicklerville, NJ)- Many want Keith to transform to a point guard but he scores the ball so effective the transition might be tough. He hits the pull up jumper and can score acrobatic buckets in the paint. He attacks from the different spots on the perimeter while piling up points quickly.

Brad Hawkins (Camden, NJ)- “The Hawk” was one of the best on ball defenders in the event. He simply stripped defenders of the rock and harassed them 94 feet. On the offensive end Brad had the outside shot dropping and also carried defenders to the cup for buckets.

Chris Lykes (Mitchellville, MD)- The first thing I would the mention is Lykes’s range and accuracy on his outside shot. He has extended his range which opens the lane for his dribble drive game. He squeezes between shot blockers and still finds away to float the ball in the basket.

Devante Carter (Hampton, VA)- I haven’t seen Carter in a while and I see he got that growth spurt everyone was waiting for. Despite his improved size he still has a lot of wiggle in his game in terms of getting rid of defenders and making plays. After shaking defenders his height now allows him to deliver the pass easier or score the rock after contact.