Sunday, August 14, 2011

Super Showcase Top Performers: Class Of 2017 Point Guards

Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin (Hartford, CT)

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase took place Saturday and the talent was in the building. We have loads of recaps to give you guys and we will start off with the top floor generals from the rising 7th Graders.

Class 2017 Top Point Guards

Jaecee Martin (Hartford, CT)- Mayweather knocked out the competition in Burlington, NJ. He dazzled the spectators with his sizzling handle, court vision and scoring prowess. Defensively, he picked several pockets while causing several ball handlers to second guess their dribbling skills. He left victorious after his highly anticipated showdown with Nate Pierre Louis. His performance yesterday definitely brought him back into the POY talk. He was that dominant.

Zach Cooks (Lawrenceville, GA)- The Georgia product barked instruction to his teammates all afternoon. When he wasn’t controlling the flow he was zipping through the defense and dropping fancy dimes. It’s rare that a player this young understands how to balance the floor and pick his spots to attack. He represented the south very well at this event.

Jaiyer Jinwright (Paterson, NJ)- Jinwright played with Martin but showed his own point guard talents with the pill. He’s a lanky ball handler that uses his length to split traps and make difficult plays. He’s was an under the radar prospect but the fluidness of his game has brought him to the surface quickly.

Tyler Hawkins (Tinton Falls, NJ)- Hawkins used his savvy to hang in this talent thick atmosphere. He flourished in transition by keeping the ball in the middle of the floor and feeding the wings. He has a capable handle and sees the floor well. He definitely stepped up on the big stage.

David Kachleries (Macungie, PA)- David enjoyed himself in this up and down flow. Dribble drives are a main part of his game but he also dropped the open jumper when the ball swung back his way. This kid just adapts his game to any situation. He plays the game with a high level of confidence.

Lucas Hudson (Central Valley, PA)- Lucas recently returned from an injury and seemed to back to normal. He made good decisions during the secondary break even pulling up for his own shot on occasions. He’s a very smart player and will continue to shine as is career goes into high school.

Elijah Dockery (Newark, DE)- Dockery was a fresh face and held it down for the "First State". He has some swiftness in his game while surveying the floor but also has the capability of scoring the rock. Delaware is starting to produce some talent and you can throw Dockery's name in this bunch.

Keith Deloatch (New Castle, DE)- Keith is a strong guard with some size which helps him look over defenders. He leaves the fancy play to his counterparts and prefers to take apart defenders with skill and instincts. He will be another shining player from Delaware.

Azar Swain (Stoughton, MA)- Swain is still making the transition to point guard, at times he looks comfortable then other times his natural scoring mentality takes over. I like his feel for the game and the way he protects the rock against stronger more athletic defenders.