Tuesday, August 25, 2009

St. Pats Reloads With "The Super Class"

St. Patrick’s is regarded as one of the top high school programs in the country. They currently boast the NJ’s #1 player in both the Class of 2010 (Kyrie Irving) and Class of 2011 (Mike Gilchrist) but they are not done. The Celtics hit the Class of 2013 hard by bringing in the “Super Class” featuring 8 of the top 100 players in the region. “Talent wise this is the best group in our schools history” said assistant coach Rae Miller. Here’s a breakdown of "The Super Class".

Austin Colbert looks like he could be the jewel of this class with a good package of size and athleticism. He has the posture and eagerness of a Mike Gilchrist or Al Harrington. If he continues to work hard and develop college coaches will be flocking.

Jason Boswell has the chance to be a special player and St. Pats might the place for him. The Celtics specialize in making players increase their intensity level and Boswell needs a boost sometimes. Look for him to buy into the program and blossom.

Will Joyce is another player that has a chance to explode if he develops a killer’s instinct. He passes the look test with his size and length but he does need to develop his skill set and perimeter ball handling. Keep an eye on him.

Amir Maddred was a surprise for me. Coming from Camden I didn’t know he was on their radar. He does fit their prototype player in terms of being 6’6 with a wiry frame. He’s another player we could be calling special in a few years.

Jared Nickens has grown to 6’5 but continues to have a wet jumper. He must develop his ball handling and ability to help out on the boards. His size on the perimeter and ability to stretch the defense might get him on the floor early and often.

Iverson Fleming is a very quick combo guard. He has the ability to create opportunities off the bounce including scoring the rock himself. The Celtics will probably use his defensive prowess to help the squad succeed. This kid is a blur.

Trevis Wyche will quarterback this crew when his time comes. He has a high basketball IQ and will serve as another coach for Boyle on the floor. He understands the importance of taking care of the rock and running a ball club.

Darrian Collins will serve as the spot up shooter/point guard similar to Jason Patterson as few years ago. Collins will have to step up his defensive presence to see significant minutes like Patterson.

Wow, what a class!