Monday, August 10, 2009

14U Basketball Spotlight Awards Ceremony Finalist

Will Lightning Strike As Team Of The Year?

The Basketball Spotlight Awards Ceremony will take place at halftime of the All Star Classic. There will be a number of awards given out that night we decided to release the finalists for each age group. Players and coaches that are finalist should be very proud of themselves and their teammates. Here’s a breakdown of the 14U finalist and possible winners.

14U 2009 Team Of The Year Finalist

1. Team Nelson
2. Playaz Basketball Club
3. Long Island Lightning
4. Philly Peacemakers

14U 2009 Player Of The Year Finalist

1. Conrad Chambers (Team Nelson)
2. John Severe (Long Island Lightning)
3. Shafeek Taylor (Peacemakers)
4. Ramone Gibbons (Boston Saintz)
5. Jordan Forehand (NJ Shore Shots)

14U 2009 Coach Of The Year Finalist

1. Sabree Mathis (Peacemakers)
2. Hassan Muhammad (Team Nelson)
3. Shandue McNeil (Long Island Lightning)
4. Craig “Kat” Keyes
(NY Panthers)

There will also be a Sportsmanship Award given to one 14U player.