Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Open Letter To Lance Stephenson

Dear Lance Stephenson,

I’ve written letters like this to other athletes, so don’t take it personal or as a stab. I would like to talk to you as an older brother but I used this forum so other youngsters could also learn a lesson.

As a young phenom you were rushed into the limelight because of your basketball talent and presumed potential. People from all circles bowed down but also turned their heads when you did things unfavorable. You were featured on DVD’s, magazine covers, internet sites and cable television. Most felt you were ready for the NBA now so they gave you the moniker “Born Ready”. Now all of those media giants that built you up are trying to tear you down. It’s seems every editor or blogger has something bad to say about you and your future. Did you show a lack of judgment a few times? Yes, but you are just like any other modern spoiled teenager.

My message to you is to use all this negative attention as fuel young brother. You see Lance everything in the universe is a test and has balance. Since you received so much attention and accolades early on it was written that you would have to go through these tough times before you reach your pinnacle. It’s time for you to silence all those critics by keeping your nose clean and disciplining yourself for the long haul. After you make your decision to go to college or Europe I want you to take a copy of many of those negative articles with you. This will keep you focused on your goal at hand and remind you what you are facing if you quit or blow this opportunity.

Remember it’s always darkest before the light. Now it’s time for you to step through the light and prove you were really “Born Ready”. Good Luck with everything I know you will succeed.

Yours truly,

Mike Melton