Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inside The Game Over Classic

The Game Over Classic had some interesting stories and developments. Basketball Spotlight was in the building and here is what we came away with.

Playaz Make Statement!

We had Playaz Basketball Club rated #4 in the region in our last rankings. Since then they won the Rumble In The Bronx and the Game Over Classic including wins over #1 Long Island Lightning and #2 Peacemakers by 20 points. The Playaz have two more hurdles to jump before repeating as the Team Of The Summer. Since they don’t usually go to the 14U Nationals a good run at the Team Nelson tourney and a good showing in Vegas should give them the nod.

Juice All Stars Are For Real!

I finally got a chance to see Juice All Stars and I came away impressed. They have the star power to crush many squads as the demonstrated this weekend. But what really caught my attention was the way they shared the rock and looked happy playing with each other. For them to win the National title I think they need to add one big and a back up true point guard. Hopefully, they can keep the chemistry when they face some adversity in Memphis.

The City vs. KSK Rematch A No Go!

I was a little disappointed because a missed The City vs. KSK pool game on Saturday. I figured both teams would make it to the finals and I would be treated to another thriller. My hopes were dashed as KSK dropped out of the semifinals because they felt the gym size was unsafe for their players. I’m also a fan and I really wanted to watch this match up hopefully they might meet in Hampton at the Nationals.