Monday, April 20, 2009

HGH Spring Showdown II Recap: Team Scan Prevails

Team Scan Gets It Done

Adeyinka Adams scored 18 points and Kevin Seymour added 16 markers as Team Scan defeated Brooklyn Ballers 51-43 to win the HGH Spring Showdown II. Neuby Saint-Hillare finished with 14 points in the loss for the Brooklyn Ballers.

Spotlight Performers

Adeyinka Adams Guard (Team Scan)- Adams stepped big in the closing minutes of the championship. He charged the rock to the hole and finished with tough layup’s or a silky smooth pull ups. He brings his lunch pail to the gym while leaving the flair and fancy moves at home.

Kevin Seymour Guard (Team Scan)- When things got tight Seymour took over the point but instead of passing the rock he went on a scoring spree. Kevin put defenders on his hip, carried to the cup or pulled up mid range for nothing but net buckets. The long wing guard has a real knack of scoring.

Neuby Saint-Hillare Forward (Brooklyn Ballers)- After watching Neuby’s game a little closer he does a some guard skills. When his team made a strong comeback it was Saint-Hillare driving length to length for baskets. In the half court set he crossed a few defenders but must use more arch on his outside shot.

Tyrone Johnson Guard (Brooklyn Ballers)- Johnson’s outside shot was a little off but you can’t deny his quickness and creativity with the rock. When the southpaw is playing under control he sees the floor well and explodes to the basket. He has some flair to his game.

Devin Wilson Guard (Brooklyn Ballers)- The ambidextrous guard caught my eye at the HGH. He’s extremely quick while handling or shooting the rock with either hand. His high arching outside shot found pay dirt on few times. On the defensive end he pressures the rock the full length of the floor.